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A popular sport in Kegnæs is kitesurfing. The most eager begin in early spring and continue surfing right through summer into late authuum.
Important contests were held at Kegnæs - i.e. on Whit Sunday 2006 and 2007.

Kitesurfing Kitesurfer

Østerby beach, Kegnæs:

Attractive area for surfing and angling.

Kitesurfing Østerby Windsurfer

Angler out of passion:

by boat or …

Fischer mit Boot

direct from the beach. Here near the romantic Kegnæs Lighthouse, which is open for visitors.

Angler am Strand

Going on a trip with a local fishing wessel. Here in the harbour of the village Høruphav.

Kutter Høruphav

Kegnæs Ferry:

No stress - just enjoy the sun and the sea. Maybe a salmon will take the hook..

Kegnæs Fähre

Activities for children:

Here at Drejby Camping, Drejet.

Kinder Drejby Camping

Should the sun let you down, then many other activities are at hand - indoors or outdoors - which one may investigate.

Danfoss Museum

Paradise for bikers:

The inviting landscape offers short or longer biking trips. A different nature experience alltogether..

Radfahren Kegnæs

Yacting is a popular family activity in this region – here in the idyllic Høruphav marina.

Dicken Brummer

The 'big' ones are also frequent guests in the waters surrounding Als.

Dicken Brummer

But family yachts like this one make up the majority of sailing yachts.


The 'Ringridning' festival:

Here in Sønderborg – the biggest of all 'Ringridning' festivals with hundreds of active participants. The annual event last for 4 days. All towns and villages in the region have their own 'Ringridning' festivals in a season spanning from June to September. See their homepage in the menu Links.

Ringreiter Volksfest

Many orchestras and bands partiicipate every year. Here it is a Norwegian band from Kristiansand.

Orchester Kristiansand

This colourful group - Copenhagen Dance Band - plays and dance simultaneously.

Copenhagen Dance Band

But the focus is still on horses and riders - here the childrens 'department'.

Kinder auf Pferde

The local gard – Sønderborg Garden.

Sønderborg Garden

This British army band - stationed in Germany - is a regular part of the Ringridning festival – in the background the Sønderborg Castle - nowadays a museum.

Royal Highlanders

Golf plays a big role in these parts.

There are no less than 3 fine, pituresque golf courses in Als and Sundeved.


Windsurfing along the coastline – popular with all age groups.


Glasblowing is an art:

You may experience just that in the village Høruphav and maybe purchase a beautiful vase or statue.


Colorful glas art in Høruphav.


Ceramics are both decorative and practical assessories.


Hotel Baltic:

A romantic hotel and restaurant. On their terrasse you may enjoy a gourmet dinner or simply just coffee and cake and at the same time absorb the beautiful view of Høruphav marina and Kegnæs Færge in the distant..

Baltic Hotel