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Kegnæs church in the tiny village of Sønderby.

Kegnæs kirke

Tandslet church in Sydals.

Tandslet kirke

Lysabild church north of the village Skovby, Sydals.

Lysabild Kirke

Drejet – the dam connecting Kegnæs with the island Als.
In the background Kegnæs lighthouse. This place is also an excellent angling site in spring and autuum.


West of the dam – Lillehavet. A shallow, quiet bay ideal for digging sandworms and for windsurfing.


Broager church

Landmark of the village Broager and surrounding area. Broager kirke

Dybbøl Mølle

National heritage site - and still an active operating windmill. In the background the town Sønderborg. Dybbøl Mølle

Lighthouse in Sydals.


The culture landscape on Kegnæs has kept its original character.
Here the yellow mustard in full bloom near Østerby.

Raps in voller blüte

The southern part of the island Als with the peninsula Kegnæs.

Süddalsen Karte